Advisory Board

The advisory board of Kickoff EHV consists of 7 members from region Eindhoven who are closely connected to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Each member comes from a different background and industry, and are representative of the organizations and institutions active in Eindhoven. The role of the advisory board is to support and give advice to the board members of Kickoff EHV, allowing them to bring entrepreneurship among students within the knowledge institutions.


Victor Donker

Chief Executive Officer at Usono


Rick Bonants

Business Developer at The Gate

Bert-Jan Woertman, Innovation Space

Bert-Jan Woertman

Managing Director at Mikrocentrum


Johan van Erp

Startup Officer at Gemeente Eindhoven

Bob van der Meulen

Bob van der Meulen

Founder at Intense & Round One Ventures


Jovan Sakovic

Data Engineer at Tasman Analytics


Bharat Motiyani

Coordinator and Project Manager at Fontys