What are Kickoff EHV events?

Learning experiences designed for you, which develop you personally and professionally in a fun and professional way.
Kickoff EHV events are organized as interactively as possible so that you get closer and closer to the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Why you should participate in our events?

You challenge yourself

Sure, theory is nice and necessary. But there’s a whole other story in the business environment. Come experience the entrepreneurial life.

You learn AND practice

We offer insights that will enrich your knowledge and apply it during the opportunities you will find through our events.

You talk directly
with entrepreneurs

You network with professionals in the field(s) you are interested in and you are one step closer to a job.

You meet students alike you

You meet students with the same interests and passions, to work with them and to become part of the entrepreneurial student community.

This year you can participate at:

We aim at triggering the entrepreneurial mindset of students and give them courage to explore it. We focus on three main topics: environmental sustainability, multidisciplinary collaborations and the life of a student entrepreneur.

Connecting students with local startups. We want the barrier to entrepreneurship for students to be as low as possible. In this
event we introduce students to a large number of local start-ups that are looking for new talent in an accessible way.

We believe in the powerful relationship between design and technology. Through the second edition of Kickoff Talks, we aim at inspiring and triggering the entrepreneurial mindset of both design and tech students and give them the courage to explore it.

startup weekenddd

Gather students that have an idea in mind, are ready to pitch it to the world, and give them a platform for doing so. Not only do participants have a chance to earn valuable prizes to help their new business idea, but also meet other smart minds, growing their network, and strengthening the innovation spirit of Eindhoven.