TedxTALKS, Kickoff EHV edition

Through Kickoff EHV Talks, we aim at triggering the entrepreneurial mindset of students and give them courage to explore it. The speaker will provide students with practical information about the importance of incorporating environmental sustainability in their (future) business. The focus of the speaker will be on discussing the importance of a long-term plan with measurable and ambitious goals, as well as measuring the project results and impact.

Why Sustainability?

During the Sustainable Entrepreneurship edition of Kickoff Talks, entrepreneurs will talk about how they create environmental value with their businesses. We believe that when starting a company nowadays, environmental sustainability cannot be left out. David Attenborough made his statement in A life on our planet movie.

Currently there are many unsustainable businesses which have a negative influence on the planet. We would love to stimulate the transition towards more environmental sustainable businesses. It’s desirable to incorporate environmental sustainability in any product or service in order to raise awareness, have a positive influence on the planet and satisfy customers (which demand this more and more).

Who is joining us on November 18?

Helena and Rudie from Incooling will share their story about how and why they created the next generation of cooling systems,

About Helena:

Helena the is the CMO and Co-Founder of Incooling. Originally coming
from Latvia, Helena has background in International Business Studies
from Leeds University (UK) and a Master’s degree on Sustainability
and Climate Change Mitigation obtained from Barcelona University. With
a strong passion for nature and environmental sustainability, in 2018
moved to the Netherlands to be fully been fully involved with creating
Incooling with a mission to cool down the planet one server at a time.

About Rudie

Rudie is the CEO and Co-Founder of Incooling. With Background in-game
arts from Sint Lucas in Eindhoven, he saw early on challenges faced by
Data Centre Industry with heat slowing down the performance of servers
and the idea of Incooling was born.

Marco, the COO of Carbyon, will talk about the process of closing the CO2 cycle and the advantages of renewable hydrocarbons.

About Marco:

Marco Arts is currently the COO of Carbyon, working towards closing the CO2 cycle. He holds a Bachelor’s at LSE in Sociology and obtained his Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering at TU/e, but did not consider himself a typical researcher. His first job at Ericsson was a perfect fit for him, as he wanted to be involved with the technology environment, though not as a researcher, but rather as a project manager, working with people. During his 12 years at Ericsson he worked on major world-wide projects and assignments, including introduction of the 3G network to the Netherlands. He then continued working as a PM on a freelance basis in various industries, until he finally joined a hackathon at the HighTechXL and became a crucial part of Carbyon.

Join the conversation on November 18

Our event is an open invitation to discussion to anyone interested in entrepreneurship – the ups and downs, the satisfactions, the failures, the good that one startup does in the world. This time, we focus on sustainable entrepreneurship – so ask anything that comes to your mind regarding this!

Here are some questions that we received so far:

  • What is sustainable entrepreneurship?
  • How can startups be more sustainable, even when sustainability is not their core business?
  • How does sustainability benefit a company, other than a positive image?

What’s your curiosity? Let us know.

Event Agenda

19:25 Webinar opening

19:30 Kickoff EHV intro and welcome round

19:40 Incooling speech

19:45 Carbyon speech

19:50 Discussion panel with our speakers

20:25 Questions from audience

20:50 Conclusions

21:00 Want to discuss more? Don’t worry, we can keep the event open for 30 minutes more, so that you get a chance to network.

You can send your questions before or throughout all the event! Our moderators will select the most suitable ones in order to be answered by our speakers. We will provide the link to the webinar closer to the event. Keep an eye on our Social Media Channels (LinkedInFacebookInstagram) and subscribe to our newsletter.

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