Kickoff EHV was established in 2008 by student entrepreneurs at the TU/e. It was formerly called Eindhoven Student Business Club (ESBC) but at the club’s ten years anniversary it was freshly rebranded into Kickoff EHV.

We stay in close contact with the innovative startups, ambitious student entrepreneurs and the startup ecosystem. The 20/21 Board has members from TU/e, Fontys and Design Academy because we believe in diversity.

Due to our favorable position, we’re able to organize exciting, inspiring and useful events in order to lower the bar to entrepreneurship for students.


Bringing entrepreneurship closer to students of Eindhoven. Initiate the idea of entrepreneurship as a career choice among students.


Working with the tightly knit network of Eindhoven and getting several parties involved.


Events and information about the student entrepreneurship ecosystem that aim to connect, motivate and inspire.